We need to focus on a bigger project that is related to innovative interior products: earthcolors.net 

May we be the next IKEA?

Not sure, but we have prepared for years to beat them :). Tell them we are just around the corner!

Want to join us too? We open for any chance that could help win-win.

Websites and Online Businesses

  • Logo and branding assets
  • Entire Website
  • Database of 3000+ roomscenes,  method to create new roomscenes with ease.
  • Source codes of trained AI bot to upload new roomscenes, this leads to unlimited roomscenes you could add to the website.
  • Database of 500+ frame mockups. All these as physical products could be outsourced at earthcolors.net at cheap price for partners.
  • Source codes of trained AI bot to create  Unlimited images of photo in frame mockups.
  • Source codes of trained AI bot to create harmony wall paint color combination that is essential for any home decor lovers and interior designers. New paint colors from new manufacturers could be added for promotion purpose.
  • Source codes of trained AI bot to surf through 16 million colors to adapt to artworks emotions then create Unlimited harmony images in roomscenes that elevate artworks and export in dimensions optimized for all social media platforms.
  • Work Process Document System – SOPs of all processes which are related to labor force to help new staff catch up with their work in a very short time.
By thinking out of the box, all our resources above could be used flexibly for many other industries. Only the sky is limit.

This is a Swiss knife for those that have established production business. Our resource is perfect for those who do business in art of all kinds and this will help them dominate their local market

  • art galleries
  • photographers
  • artists
  • framing and wall art printing service suppliers
  • wall paper, wall decal manufacturers
  • wall paint manufacturers
  • home interior designers

the list is still not ended here…

This will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in overhead costs, developmental costs, maintenance costs, and software costs. Artlyss’s services cover more than half of the business processes necessary for art e-commerce operations.

Instead of paying for a website…

  • Waiting for months for your developer to test and perfect it…
  • Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars (and thousands of hours!) creating visual assets…
  • Going on a months-long hiring process to build your e-commerce dream team…
  • And investing potentially millions of dollars on exclusivity deals with multiple other vendors…

Artlyss will help chop off 97% of the costs involved, and start getting control of the local market in a matter of weeks!

How do we handle this business?

Document everything

  • Fearing of missing important things for business, we have an obsession to document everything.
  • Each team member shares the same responsibility to document their work in detail,  which in turn would help future new employees instantaneously understand the workflow and effectively kickstart the job. Individual document will be grouped together, forming a unified team’s documentation, which in turn would integrate into a multi-layered document for the entire organization.

Automating everything

  • Time is not scalable. Everyone has the same 24-hours in a day, and our business learns to grow and operate within the same limited timeframe. One of the ways to implement this is by automation processes.

Creating SOPs for everything

  • If there’s a process that’s impossible to be automated by bots, we spent time developing a standard operating procedure (SOP) for it. It’s a written document with a step-by-step instruction that explain how to execute a particular task, responsibility, or process. It’s developed in such a way that we can hand it over to others and they can immediately take the ownership of it.
  • Only 2 fields are needed to implement this business smoothly.

No time needed to maintain the web except for the hosting cost of around $100 per month based on traffic.

Global art sales increased 3% year-on-year and grew from $441.02 billion in 2022 to $579.52 billion in 2023. Without art marketing to create awareness, there is no interest, and consequently, no sales. Successful artists rely heavily on marketing to grow awareness and demand for their artwork, establish a reputation with trust and authority, and build a brand. 

We are one of the most innovative wall art visualizing services in the world with BIG data & AI implementing.

We proudly claim that Artlyss is pioneering in providing full-angle art visualization services at only 7% of the market price, packed with unique and innovative technologies that don’t exist elsewhere. Therefore, there are not so many competitors in our market, and there won’t be anytime soon. We are constantly improving our services’ quality, adding new advanced features and FREE extra services to further separate ourselves from competitors. We are a mile ahead.

Let us assume that a competitor could match our price of 7% of the market price, they still have to offer more extra services at REZO cost just like what we offer, so that the competitor can catch up with our already established services. The problem is they need huge resources of time and money to build the features listed. Some of the extra benefits Artlyss offers is from other Artlyss’s million-dollars innovative projects with technologies and features that are not found elsewhere and will be launched very soon.

We could be proud of being miles ahead of 99.9% of competitors, who don’t adopt visualization marketing, but Artlyss pushes it to the next level with superior techniques & services that can not be found elsewhere. That’s why we could offer the all-in-one platform for artists, photographers, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, decorators, and anyone looking to visualize their ideas in a stunning and realistic way.

You may find lots of extra services that we offer to clients at zero cost while it usually valued at thousands of dollars per month in the market. This is a competitive edge that others will find impossible to follow, all thanks to our innovation, BIG data, AI, and automation processes. At the moment we are miles ahead of any competitor, but we can’t afford to be complacent and will continue to excel in the things we do best.

Our technology-driven concept can generate sufficient revenue while keeping extremely low expense to maintain or expand itself and continue to have a positive impact in the foreseeable future, as well as the ease this business can attain a large portion of the  market. This super low cost business running support us effectively in any price war we have to involve in the future. 

Our business leverages some of unique technologies to create meaningful impacts on the art community and home decor market. For your ideas, the global home decor market size was valued at USD 665,917.5 million in 2021. It is projected to reach USD 939,637.2 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period (2022-2030).

As mentioned in the “Skill to have” part, we have automated and documented every process, and willing to add more details to help new owners run the business smoothly and cost-effectively as we do.

After transferring to new owners, we are happy to keep developing our child with suggested ideas or practical supports as long as they need us with a very figurative fee. We love it but have many children to care for.

We don’t treat anyone as a competitor at all. If you think you are strong enough to be our current or future competitor with your resources, why don’t we shake hands to conquer the world instead of competing with each other, which in the end would make us weaker, then get consumed by others? 

Why don’t use your resources to buy me to buy you some time for your hobbies, family, friends, and energy to enjoy the most out of the beautiful life that Gob blessed you? This is where the old saying goes, there are things money can’t buy then a lot of money can.