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We go the extra mile when it comes to designing for you, and apply the principles of color psychology in every design!

It’s a scientifically proven fact that different colors have different effects on your viewers’ emotions. Our designs take advantage of decades of research made on color, and use palettes that have the maximum emotional impact on your audience!

And because purchase decisions are made emotionally rather than logically, color psychology effectively leads to more conversions!

You need a deep knowledge in color theory before you can mix and coordinate multiple colors. You can have so much fun learning about color coordination such as the tints, shades, saturation, warm, and cold colors, but it takes years to master. Most entrepreneurs will not spare their crucial time to invest in mastering color techniques when they have other important business decisions to make.

That’s why we created 101IDEAS bot for you.  All your hassles could be solved in 1 click. Try it and you will see the magic right on the screen. Let’s see what 101IDEAS bot can do to elevate your artwork.

Color Scheme

A person takes less than 90 seconds to assess your artwork visual, and color judgment makes up 62% to 90% of this. It’s amazing that color also makes 85% of shoppers’ buying decisions. 

It’s crucial to choose the right colors for your image in ensuring your online success. The proper color can draw attention, convey meaning, generate desire, drive conversions, and secure loyal customers. It’s one of the most influential tools to get the attention of your target audience. In addition, color can lure your visitors to click on your call-to-action button.

Another important aspect of color is its contrast. Color contrasts can drag the eyes to a noticeable part of the design, such as your pitch or call-to-action button. Laying a different color scheme for the main design can cause the eyes to shift the focus to the element. Therefore, it’s essential for you to choose the proper color for your design to engage more viewers.

However, it’s not that simple to do so. Even a seasoned designer could not really master the art of color coordination, which involves millions of possibilities. Most fresh and DIY imageers resort to using their favorite colors out of confusion. Most of the time the color will not gel with the image, service or the entire business. The perfect methods to choose a color scheme for your brand involve exercising color psychology. Choosing colors at random is a big mistake, and you need to do extensive research and planning to come up with the perfect color scheme to make your design stand out.

You need a human-like machine such as the 101IDEAS who can replace a professional color artist. The bot has a widespread ‘know-how’ not found anywhere on the internet. A professional designer costs a lot of money, but with 101IDEAS you can leave the pro job to the bot that suggests multiple techniques to decide on the color scheme for your design.

We have trained 101IDEAS bot to develop an understanding of the psychology of color and it can be extraordinarily useful in selecting the key colors for your design. The color scheme permeates throughout the whole image, bringing together all its smallest details into one perfect color palette, which forms the design’s ambiance and aesthetics. 101IDEAS bot will choose ideal color schemes that encompasses finding your image signature dominant color and crowning it all with a perfect background color.

Color harmony

Color harmony helps balance the visual experience since it develops a sense of order. Viewers can simply disengage when they experience a dull and uninteresting visual. Moreover, a chaotic and disorganized color combination can also bore the viewers and it’s not shocking to see them disengage with the negative experience. The human brain will not only reject under-stimulating visuals, but also reject extreme, overdone designs. What we want to achieve is the right harmony between the two extremes.

Have you ever noticed that a bright pink rose stands out against a green bush? While certain color pairings come naturally, choosing the right color scheme for a design can be a little daunting. There are so many colors to choose from! Some colors look great together, and others clash dramatically!

101IDEAS bot takes the hook off your neck when it comes to mixing color schemes in harmony. There are billions of billions of billions of color combination possibilities. But the bot acts like a professional color mixer without sleeping. It analyzes your artworks and brand and finds the most suitable color combination for it after researching billions of billions of billions of possibilities and suggesting a perfect one in a matter of seconds. It’s magical how it can provide you with such a professional task and saves you valuable time. 

The consumer psychology trick behind repetition in marketing

It’s called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon or the “frequency illusion,” and for people who want to think of themselves as super-logical, always-practical consumers, it probably serves as a real downer. The way it works is simple: Once you encounter something new, you suddenly start to notice it everywhere.

Buyers are facing more options, and more brands and content are competing for their attention online. It’s reasonable to assume that the proliferation of content online might lengthen the path to conversion for some consumers. This extended runway is also an opportunity for brands working hard to develop familiarity and trust with their prospects.

The more often people see something, the more likely they’ll end up liking it. It’s why the strongest marketing campaigns are the ones that bombard their audiences every day. But you also need to keep things fresh by adding variety to your visuals. You can’t always use the exact same images are across social media posts, blog posts, ad banners, and more. Repetitive visuals feel like spam, and users always ignore spam in favor of something that interests them. That’s why industry giants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create thousands of different visuals for their products. The variety keeps things interesting—which means potential customers stay interested.

You may create some of appealing marketing images every month!

You can create hundreds of average marketing images every month!


Even using our 101IDEAS bot to create appealing marketing post images, you still need some time and effort. We’ll help you create stunning marketing posts for every day of the month, until your audience can’t resist buying. Big brands can maintain posting twice, or even 10 times a day thanks to a dedicated media team and in-house graphic designers. And now you can do it 20 times a day, with the help of our team at REZO expense. Check it out and dominate your local and online market here.