Artwork Marketing

Why is marketing important in the arts? Without art marketing to create awareness, there is no interest, and consequently, no sales.
Successful artists rely on marketing to grow awareness and demand for their artwork, establish a reputation with trust and authority, and build a brand.
Marketing can be complicated and sophisticated, requiring knowledge and education. Fortunately, for artists, an MBA in marketing is not necessary. You already have the upper hand over other marketers because you have a creative mind; you are an artist, and now with the help from Artlyss, you have all of the unique art marketing tools and resources available right at your fingertips.
Selling art online has never been easier!

How Artlyss helps you

Cut operating costs and save time crafting marketing assets

To create decent-looking wall art room scenes, it would take graphic designers roughly 1-2 hours to polish one design. Artlyss helps you do that in a few minutes, to help you market your artworks instantly, with a simple drag and drop interface that is tailor-made for artists and businesses. Salaries can get expensive, the average salary of a graphic designer is roughly $53,000 in the United States. Artlyss helps you to cut necessary costs so you can use that money to develop other areas of your business.

How is this useful?

Artlyss’ catalogue of ready-made 3000+ room designs  gives you a huge competitive edge over your competitors, helping you digitally promote your artworks more effectively while keeping costs low. Every room can be customized the way you want. You can drag and resize artworks, layer them on top of each other, change the wall color of the room. These rooms have photorealistic lighting and shadows, designed to help complement your artwork even more.

Why is branding important?

To do well in the online arts & crafts market, one needs to rise above the crowd, and one of the best ways to do that is through branding. Branding helps your business stand out from the crowd as it gives your potential customers a sense of trust and reliability in your products.

How Artlyss helps your branding?

Artlyss allows you to export room designs with your watermark anywhere on your wall art room designs, helping you build brand awareness and reputation for your art empire.

How does Artlyss stand out?

With Artlyss, you will have the option to place watermarks that seamlessly blend in with your room design graphics. Our web technoglogies has the power to change your logo’s color so that it blends in nicely with the room’s overall color, creating a sense of harmony. 

How does it help me?

When you upload your artwork in any of our rooms, the wall color will automatically adapt to your artwork’s emotions, creating a picture that’s visually pleasing to the eye. Of course, you can do this process by your own eyes, but it takes a lot of effort, knowledge and working hours to figure out the perfect colors that harmonize with your artworks in a short period of time. Artlyss’ AI color technologies help you speed up this process to help you craft beautiful advertising assets and market your art more effectively, all in a few seconds.


How does it work?

Traditionally, it takes a long time to make your advertising designs compatible with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Our cross social media export feature helps you do that in 1 click. After finishing up your wall art room designs, all you need to do is click the “Export in all social media sizes” button, a folder containing your design in multiple dimensions will be ready for download in a few seconds.

What are the social media sizes?

Currently, Artlyss supports the following social media dimensions:

Facebook Post (1200 x 1200 pixels)
Pinterest Post(1000 x 1500 pixels)
Instagram Post (1080 x 1080 pixels)
Instagram Story (1080 x 1920 pixels)

What is augmented reality?

In simple terms, augmented reality or AR, refers to the integration of digital objects to the user’s environment in real-time. An example will be allowing your potential customers to digitally place your artworks on their own wall in real time.

How does Artlyss help?

Our AR web technologies brings your artworks to life in the comfort of your customers’ home. Clients can walk around the artworks, resize them to their liking, and take photos of your artwork in their home virtually for accurate references. The artworks also contain pre-set dimensions on them for references. Check it out here.

Why Pinterest?
  • Pinterest is much more niche-specific than Twitter, opening up great opportunities for artists and art businesses.
  • Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads and converting more browsers into buyers.
  • Visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert into leads or sales faster than any other social media platforms.

People on Pinterest are eager for new art inspiration daily, which means they want to hear from you. Content from brands doesn’t interrupt on Pinterest—it inspires. Pinterest users are also highly receptive to searching and discovering new art pieces on the platform, with many using it as a way to “save” or “bookmark” artworks that they want to purchase at a later time. This makes it the ideal social media platform for artists and art businesses. Nearly 77% of users on Pinterest are women, so you would have an even easier time appealing to them!

Roughly 431 million people use Pinterest every month to find home decor ideas and inspiration for their next purchase, 50% of U.S. Pinners frequently shop on Pinterest and 34% of Pinterest users earn between $50,000 and $74,999 per year. With the right strategy and content, it has the potential to drive an huge amount of traffic to your online art store.

How can Artlyss help?

Artlyss helps you promote your artworks smarter and more efficiently using the power of our visualization engines. Our team of professionals would browse through thousands of room and pick the ones that best harmonize with your selected artworks, place your artworks in them. The dedicated Pinterest accounts used for your marketing campaigns will be managed and monitored by Artlyss’ staff to ensure your campaign reaches its goals.

Optimized Pins for Pinterest & Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On Pinterest, traffic is continuously flowing monthly, so it would take quite a prolonged time before your pins disappear from the mainstream feeds. The life expectancy of a Pinterest pin is 1600 times longer than a usual Facebook post.

Pins continue to send you traffic for an extended amount of time. The only way to strengthen your Pinterest game is by knowing how to get yourself seen on Pinterest. Do you know that Pinterest has its own search engine? The same algorithm is used by Google, showing the most related images that contains keywords in title, descriptions and alt tag.

After doing research about your art business, its core values and keywords, we will create pins with your keywords optimized in title, descriptions and alt tag so that not only your pin will show first on Pinterest but also on Google results. This puts you in the top 0.1% of artists selling online, beating the other 99.9% who don’t utilize Pinterest SEO for promoting artworks.

Why Google in the picture? Google trusts social platforms like Pinterest for content and images, YouTube for videos, … When your pins are optimized with keywords in content, the chances of you showing up on the first Google page is very highly.

Try searching art products on Google, you might notice that there is a portion of pins on the first page. The results don’t appear randomly, they appear for one reason: They are optimized in content for those phrases. We help your artworks get up there.

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