I am Kiet Tran – 18 years old, one of the co-founders of project Artlyss .

I’ve been friends with Louisa since we were in 10th grade. She’s always had a passion for art, and her talents and hard work has landed her a spot at one of New York’s top art colleges, the School of Visual Arts. Meanwhile, I’ve always had a deep passion in technology and the potential it has to create positive changes in the world. Because of that, I taught myself how to code from an early age, 13 maybe.


One day, we were catching up over coffee and Louisa showed me some of her latest paintings. She talked about how difficult it was to get her work seen by a wider audience, and how frustrating it was to convince potential buyers to envision her artwork in specific spaces, like the living room, kitchen, and more. Like others with artistic sense, she found it hard to learn and implement non-artistic fields such as marketing and sales, and she couldn’t afford thousands of dollars per month to hire sales guy, marketers or agencies to do this task either.


As a tech geek myself, I started thinking about how technology could help solve this problem. What if there was a way to show people exactly what a piece of artwork would look like in their own home or office? That’s when the idea for Artlyss was born 1 year ago when i was 17 years old.

We knew that Louisa’s struggle wasn’t unique to her – many artists faced similar challenges in getting their work seen and appreciated. We wanted to create a platform to help artists like Louisa to showcase their stunning artworks to potential buyers in a captivating and effective way.

Together, Louisa and I set out to create a platform that would allow artists to showcase their work in photorealistic room settings, making it easier for potential buyers to visualize the art in their own spaces. We poured our hearts and souls into building Artlyss, overcoming countless challenges and obstacles along the way.

We truly believe that art has the power to bring joy and inspiration to people’s lives, and we’re dedicated to making it easier for everyone to discover and appreciate amazing art.

Our friendship created Artlyss and Artlyss makes the world more beautiful. So we call Artlyss: